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Introduction to Healthcare Face Shield

Design concept of healthcare face shield:

1. Imported PET film: high transparency, high acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance;

2. Reasonable structure, suitable for various head types of workers, and can directly cover myopia glasses to facilitate work;

3. This product can effectively avoid the infection caused by the blood and body fluid splashing to the medical staff when the virus-carrying person is receiving medical treatment and accident treatment;

4. It adopts ergonomic design. It is light weighted, and there is a built-in soft pad to reduce the pressure of the cap on the forehead, which is comfortable to wear, with no pressure;

5. Good anti-fogging performance. The PET protective film disperses mist faster than ordinary diaphragms. In addition, a unique mist dispersing port design is added to give you a clear view at any time;

6. The healthcare face shield can be worn firmly and reliably, so that you will not feel any inconvenience when you bend over or bow your head;

7. The protection area is large, the effect is good, and the protection range can reach the entire face. Because of its economical benefits and excellent cost performance, it is well received by users.

Features of medical face shield:

The product is a new protective product integrating eye, mouth and nose protection. It is composed of high-transparency anti-fog film, sponge, resin buckle and rubber band. It is suitable for hospitals, dentistry and other health research institutions, medicine, food, and cosmetics industries. In the industry, wearing it on the forehead can not only absorb sweat, but also relieve the pressure caused by long-term wear. The unique grooved sponge design can increase air flow and increase the comfort of medical staff when wearing it.

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