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Knowledge About Goggles

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, goggles have received a high degree of attention. This kind of eye protection was intensely discussed together with masks at the time. Although the epidemic is not so serious now, the public's understanding of goggles is still not so comprehensive. The following Sanjie will explain some small knowledge about medical goggles.

1. Introduction to the materials and qualifications of medical grade goggles

Strictly speaking, this type of goggles should be called "medical isolation goggles." Medical goggles are closed on both sides, fit the skin, and fixed with a head rope. In terms of material, the lens is mainly made of PC (polycarbonate), which is relatively firm and hard in texture. The rest is mostly made of PVC (vinyl), which is softer and can better guarantee the sealability while being friendly to the skin. This type of goggles is not qualified for medical use, but is just a conventional type of goggles.

The medical grade goggles have strict requirements in terms of materials and qualifications. Qualified medical goggles must have a medical device registration certificate, and it is better if they have European standard, American standard, SGS and other certifications. After all, for medical supplies, better qualifications have better quality.

2. The clinical role of medical grade goggles

Medical goggles are mainly used for clinical medical staff to prevent various types of body fluids, blood, and other liquids from splashing during work. Not only that, medical goggles are essential for fighting large virus outbreaks such as the COVID-19, Ebola, and SARS, and they have a huge effect on isolating viral infections. The outbreak of this type of virus has higher requirements for sealing, so the stomata will be deleted and made into a fully enclosed type. There are also emerging disposable goggles on the market, which are more convenient.

Although the fully enclosed medical goggles have good sealing properties, they also have the problem of "fogging". However, many goggles manufacturers and suppliers have developed products such as anti-fog lens cloth and anti-fog sprays to solve this problem. There are also medical goggles with anti-fog coating on the lenses, all of which are to provide the best protective equipment for frontline anti-epidemic personnel.

Although it is just a pair of ordinary goggles, it is these protective equipment that help our medical staff fight the epidemic. I also hope that we can defeat the epidemic as soon as possible and return to a free life.

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