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Knowledge About Nasal Oxygen Tubes

Nasal oxygen tube is actually a product that can be connected to the oxygen delivery system for human oxygen inhalation. It is a simple, simple and superior disposable oxygen humidification device, which can greatly eliminate hospital infections caused by oxygen humidification system pollution. Most disposable oxygen inhalers contain humidifiers, which can be used in medical institutions to increase the oxygen humidity when patients inhale oxygen, and because they are disposable products, they can effectively avoid oxygen cross-infection, imported polyethylene microporous filtration The filter can effectively filter bacteria. The antibacterial humidification liquid complies with the policies and regulations of medical institutions, and also avoids the pollution of humidification liquid, reduces the design of air bubbles and noise, and is more conducive to patients to obtain high-quality quiet rest.

The disposable nasal oxygen pipe is made of soft polyvinyl chloride raw material, which is connected to the oxygen delivery system for oxygen inhalation by the human body, which can effectively maintain sufficient oxygen supply for patients, and can be used by medical units for emergency oxygen supply and oxygen inhalation for hypoxic patients. use.

1. Disposable nasal oxygen tube indications

The main indications of nasal oxygen prongs are: acute or chronic heart and lung insufficiency, prevention and treatment of hypoxemia. It is suitable for outpatient, respiratory medicine, anesthesiology, emergency, gynecology, ICU and other departments.

2. Model and composition of disposable nasal oxygen tube

The nasal oxygen tube body adopts a unique plum-shaped anti-pressure design, the nose frame is treated with siliconization technology, and the air source connector can be matched with various humidification bottles. Nasal oxygen cannula can be divided into type I, type II and type III according to the type.

(1) Type I: Double nose type (large, medium and small) It consists of double nose plugs, catheter, adjusting ring, tee joint and air source joint. The single nose type consists of a single nose plug, a catheter, an adjustment ring, a three-way joint and an air source joint.

(2) Type II: Double nose type (large, medium and small) consists of humidification bottle (empty bottle), double nose plug, catheter, adjusting ring, tee joint and air source joint. Single nose type It consists of humidification bottle (empty bottle), single nose plug, catheter, adjusting ring, tee joint and air source joint.

(3) Type III: Nasal oxygen tube baby rod is composed of catheter, three-way joint, adjusting ring and air source joint.

3. How to use the disposable nasal oxygen tube

Unpack the package, fix the headgear on the patient's head, insert the nasal plug into the patient's nostril, and fix the position of the adjustment ring. Connect the other end of the gas source connector to the medical oxygen device, and oxygen can be delivered. It is safe, hygienic and convenient to use, and it is specially designed to avoid cross infection.

The single-use nasal oxygen cannula can be used by opening the small package. Do not use if the package is leaking. Then connect the horn connector of the nasal oxygen tube to the port of the humidification bottle equipped with the oxygen supply system. Hang the headband or earring on the patient's head or ear, insert the nose into the patient's nostril, and then adjust the oxygen output of the oxygen supply humidification bottle. The overall operation is relatively simple, but it must be noted that if the packaging is damaged, do not use.

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