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	CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Suction Connecting Tube
  • ch35 yankauer handle ch30 connecting tube
  • ch35 yankauer handle
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CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Suction Connecting Tube

The CH30 Yankauer Handle and CH35 Tube (GC1006S1CK38C01/39C01) are large PVC suction tools, 11.7mm in diameter and 3.5m long, with a two-piece, perforated tip design. Available with or without a control valve (GC1245E1W-30/N-30) for different surgical needs.


This complete system connects suction sources to waste collection systems, catheters, Yankauers, and other devices. We offer a versatile range of interconnected products.


  • Customizable lengths based on specific customer needs.

  • Various connectors for different medical preferences.

Tri-Grasp Suction Handle

The Tri-Grasp suction handles are crafted for optimal surgeon comfort and control during surgical procedures.


  • Lightweight build reduces hand fatigue in lengthy operations.

  • Ergonomic design allows for comfortable use in any surgical position.

  • Integrated vacuum control for precise pressure application.

  • Specially designed relieving eyes to lower tissue damage risk.

Specification of CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube


Product code




Plain tip 10 mm with control vent and lateral eyes



Plain ftip 10 mm without control vent and lateral eyes



Yankauer suction set, OD 11.7mm, 3.5m connecting fube + GC1245E1W-30



Yankauer suction set, OD 117mm, 35m connecting fube + GC1245E1N-30


Advantages of CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube

Our Super Flow suction handles and sets are meticulously designed to maximize comfort and control for surgeons during operative procedures. This specialized tool is essential for the intraoperative removal of blood and fluids in open surgeries. To ensure efficiency and safety, it must be connected to a canister via a tube before being attached to a vacuum source, with a maximum pressure of 400 mmHg. Tailored for single-use applications, Super Flow guarantees sterility and optimal performance in critical surgical environments, embodying a blend of ergonomic design and operational excellence.

How does the CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube stand out from its competitors?

In the medical field, choosing the right equipment is crucial. The CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube excels in several areas when compared to similar products. Its large-size design, with an 11.7mm OD and 3.5m length, offers enhanced flexibility and reach, ideal for various surgical procedures.

Are you experiencing limitations with your current surgical suction equipment?

Many suction devices have restricted flow rates or limited length, hindering efficiency. The CH30 and CH35 set, however, boasts a high flow rate capacity and customizable length, ensuring adaptability to diverse surgical needs.

Discover the solution with CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube.

What sets this product apart is its two-piece Yankauer design with a perforated flat tip, available with or without a control valve. This feature provides precision and control, enhancing the surgical experience. Additionally, its construction from non-phthalate PVC ensures safety and durability.

In summary, the CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube offers a unique combination of length, flow capacity, design features, and material safety, making it a superior choice in surgical suction equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CH30 Yankauer Handle & CH35 Connecting Tube

Q1:Can the CH30 & CH35 set be customized for different surgical requirements?

A1:Yes, the length of the tubing can be tailored to meet specific surgical needs, offering flexibility and adaptability in various medical settings.

Q2: Is the CH30 & CH35 set compatible with different types of surgical equipment?

A2: Absolutely. The set is designed to be universally compatible with various insufflators, making it a versatile choice for diverse surgical environments.

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