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	Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes
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Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes

Frazier Suction Tubes are slender, precision surgical instruments used for aspirating fluids from narrow spaces during various operations. These sterile, disposable tubes feature a polished tip with an obturator for safe insertion and a soft, olive-shaped end to minimize tissue trauma. They offer surgeons fingertip control for adjustable suction. Ideal for ENT, dental, and neurosurgical procedures, Frazier Suction Tubes are integral in maintaining a clear field, ensuring high visibility and efficiency during surgeries.

Features of Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes

  • Single use for ENT surgery

  • Flexible cannula could be bent to needed position without occlusion

  • Flake-resistant shaft and obturator facilitate the shaping of metal and clear obstruction

  • Full size handle provides a positive grip and allow suction control

Specification of Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes

Product code





With flexible cannula and obturator, Frazier



With flexible cannula and obturator, Frazier



With flexible cannula and obturator, Frazier



With flexible cannula and obturator, Frazier



With flexible cannula and obturator, Olive-Tip Frazier



With flexible cannula and obturator, Soft-Tip Frazier



With rigid cannula and obturator, Frazier



With rigid cannula and obturator, Frazier

GC1242S1212FRWith rigid cannula and obturator, Frazier


With rigid cannula and obturator, Frazier

Frazier suction use : A Comprehensive Guide

Installation and Activation

Step 1: Preparation

  • Begin by ensuring your hands are thoroughly washed and you're wearing appropriate protective gear according to your institution's hygiene protocols.

  • Open the sterile packaging of the Disposable Frazier Suction Tube without touching the inside content directly. Use sterile gloves to maintain sterility.

Step 2: Connection

  • Carefully attach the Frazier Suction Tube to the suction device. Ensure the connection is secure to avoid any disconnection during the procedure.

  • Test the suction functionality by gently activating the suction device. Adjust the suction power according to the requirements of the surgical procedure.

Activation of Suction

  • To activate the suction, use the control valve located on the handle of the Frazier Suction Tube. The control valve allows for precise adjustment of the suction power during procedures.

  • Adjust the suction power by covering the control valve for increased suction or uncovering it for decreased suction. This fingertip control enables immediate adjustments to ensure optimal surgical visibility and efficiency.

Important Notes:

  • Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes are designed for single use to ensure sterility and patient safety. Reusing the device can lead to infection and compromised patient care.

  • Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and your institution's protocols for the use and disposal of medical devices.

By adhering to these steps, medical professionals can ensure the effective and safe use of Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes, maintaining the highest standards of patient care and surgical efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1:What is a Frazier suction tube used for?

A1:Frazier suction tubes are specialized medical instruments designed for precise suction and removal of fluids and debris from surgical sites. They are particularly used in operations requiring fine, controlled suction, such as neurosurgical, spinal, otolaryngological (ENT), and plastic surgeries. The slender design allows for clear visibility and access in narrow or delicate areas, effectively maintaining a clean operative field by aspirating excess fluids, thus facilitating better surgical outcomes and minimizing tissue trauma.

Q2:How Should Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes Be Stored and Maintained?

A2:As a sterile, single-use product, Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes require no maintenance and should be stored in their original packaging in a cool, dry place until ready for use. To maintain sterility, do not open the packaging until the surgical procedure begins. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to preserve the integrity of the product.

Q3:What size are Frazier suction tips?

A3:Frazier suction tips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different surgical needs and anatomical considerations. Sizes are generally measured in French units (FR), where one French equals approximately 0.33 millimeters in diameter. The sizes range from the smaller 8FR, suitable for pediatric or delicate procedures, up to 18FR for applications requiring more significant suction capacity. Each size is designed to offer optimal balance between suction efficiency and accessibility, ensuring surgeons can select the most appropriate tip for the specific surgical environment and patient anatomy.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Frazier Suction Tubes

  • 1.Elizabeth Johnson


    "I've been using the Disposable Frazier Suction Tubes for various surgical procedures in my clinic. Their precision and reliability have significantly improved our surgical outcomes."

  • 2.James O'Brien


    "I recently switched to using GC Medica's Frazier Suction Tubes and was immediately impressed by their quality. "

  • 3.Isabella Martinez


    "Their ease of use, combined with effective suction, makes them ideal for a wide range of surgical applications. "

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