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Virus Sampling Kit

Virus Sampling Kit

Viral Sampling Kit is designed for the inactivation of a variety of viruses, such as clinical Covid-19, influenza, avian influenza, hand-foot-mouth, measles virus, norovirus, rotavirus and other virus specimens, and for the transportation of the virus nucleic acids.

Features of Virus Sampling Kit

  • Compatible with various viral nucleic acid extraction kits available on the market and can achieve seamless connection with downstream nucleic acid extraction

  • Contains an efficient virus lysis solution, which inactivates the virus immediately after sampling, effectively preventing the risk of secondary infection

  • Storage at room temperature for 48 hours does not affect the quantitative results of nucleic acids. The nucleic acid in positive samples can still be detected after 7 days

  • Non-inactivated virus preservation solutions are also available. 

Specification of Virus Sampling Kit


Product code




1 Tube with 2ml virus transport medium, 1pc sampling swab



1 Tube with 3ml virus transport medium, 5pc sampling swab



 1 Tube with 6ml virus transport medium, 10pc sampling swab 

04GC4053B04 1 Tube with 12ml virus transport medium, 20pc sampling swab 

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