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Proper Use of Eye Goggles

For general anti-virus goggles, if for medical treatment, firstly choose goggles which meet or exceed the requirements of national standards, mainly including LA/labor safety mark, QS/quality safety mark, conforming safety standard number, goggles model, production date, manufacturer's brand mark and the designation; secondly, it is necessary to choose goggles with good quality and on the premise of meeting the protection needs, improving the enthusiasm of eye protection required.

1. Proper Use of Goggles

Medical goggles can help prevent droplet transmission and have a certain preventive effect on novel coronavirus. The specific methods of wearing them are as follows:

1)First, please wash your hands cleanly, preferably with alcohol disinfection.

2)Then take out the goggles.

3)Then put on the goggles with both hands to adjust the comfort level.

4)Check that the goggles completely cover your eyes and make sure it air proof.

When removing the goggles, you also need to sterilize your hands first, then pinch the side close to your head or ears and take it off, and then put it in a recycling or medical waste container.

2. Functions of Goggles

The main function of the goggles is to prevent the radiation from causing damage to the eyes. It can absorb harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by TVs, computers, etc., and provide comprehensive protection for eyes. The second is that the goggles are a kind of filter that can change the light intensity and spectrum. The anti-radiation film is based on the volatility and interference of light. The surface of the goggles mirror is coated with multiple anti-radiation films to make the electromagnetic waves generated on the front and back surfaces of the film interfere with each other and offset the radiation, thereby preventing radiation and reducing radiation effect. Medical goggles can help prevent the spread of virus droplets and block bacterial infections. The main target audience of goggles is medical staff and special workers. It is not necessary for the ordinary people in daily life to use goggles for protection.

3. Attentions on Goggles Use

1)Choose the suitable goggles for yourself.

2)Check if it is stable and shaken after wearing it.

3)When using goggles, everyone shall wear its own goggles and do not be used interchangeably to prevent cross-infection.

4)Protective goggles should be protected from heavy pressure to prevent damage to the lenses.

5)When there are stains or sweat on the lens, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time.

6)During strenuous exercise, the lens may be damaged by impact. Do not use goggles during strenuous exercise.

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