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Requirements for Disposable Surgical Aprons

1. The role of disposable surgical apron

At the time of surgery, medical staff must be required to wear special surgical aprons. When choosing a disposable surgical apron, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to ensure that the clothing is 100% sterile, so that strict sterilization and disinfection treatments must be carried out to ensure that the disposable surgical apron achieves its protective effect.

2. The material of disposable surgical apron

The basic materials of disposable surgical apron are mostly non-woven fabrics, which are used after a series of disinfection treatments. Most of their use methods are disposable to ensure health and hygiene. After all, the hygiene of such clothing is extremely important, so as to effectively avoid bacterial infection on the operating table and keep the surrounding environment clean.

And many doctors need to spend a lot of time to perform operations, so the wearing time of disposable surgical aprons is very long. Therefore, disposable surgical aprons should ensure that the clothing is more comfortable and breathable. Medical staff are in a very tense state at all times during the operation. Therefore, they must be comfortable wearing and can effectively prevent the clothing from tearing. 

Disposable surgical aprons can resist static electricity well when worn in winter. And for some chemical substances, as well as bacteria, it can play a very good role in resisting. The color of disposable surgical aprons is mostly blue, so it gives people a calm and stable visual effect, which is very suitable for the operating table.

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