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The Role and Development of Enema Bags

Enemas are also called enema bags and bowel cleaners. The name approved by the State Food and Drug Administration is called defecation cleaners. Enema bags belong to a class of medical and health care equipment. Enema bags are mainly made of warm water, salt water, various enema solutions or coffee solutions. Cleaning the large intestine is mainly used in medical institutions to treat constipation, anorectal diseases, etc. It is now gradually accepted by health care clubs and slimming spas, and it is also an instrument used by families for home health care. It belongs to a pure physical natural therapy.

1. The composition of the enema bag

The constipation enema kit can be divided into three parts. It consists of a bag containing the solution, a polymer transparent catheter connected together, and a flexible tube inserted into the anus. The transparent catheter is equipped with a flow enema window and a speed control. Device (older generation enema bags may not have this device), which allows free observation and adjustment of the speed of the enema solution. Traditional enema bags include traditional enema bags, barrel-type enema bags, and ball-type enema bags, which have one thing in common: cumbersome, painful, unsanitary, time-consuming, and not recommended.

2. The role of the enema bag

The enema bag is used to irrigate the intestines. It is used for cleaning enema before proctoscopy and surgery, and some special needs for intestinal cleaning, so as to clean the intestines, stimulate peristalsis and smooth bowel movements. When enema, pay attention that the enema solution should not be too hot to prevent scalding the intestines. One irrigation solution should not exceed 800ml, and if the catheter is hard during the enema, be careful when inserting it into the anus to prevent intestinal perforation.

3. The development of enema bags

The development of the enema bag has gone through the development process from manual to automatic. The first generation of enema bag is to use a balloon to manually squeeze to generate power to transport liquid into the anus, which has a small capacity and is very inconvenient, and has been gradually eliminated by the market.

The new generation of enema bag is the most popular drip-type enema bag on the market. It adopts the principle of high drop pressure to transport the enema liquid from the high-level enema bag to the enema head inserted into the anus through the transparent catheter. The whole process does not require manual afterburner. You can sit and lie on your side. It is the most convenient and comfortable enema device. Here is a warm reminder to you that the medical term for an enema bag is called a bowel cleansing device. You must consult this question when you buy it. The most important thing about enema is to be safe. Therefore, choosing a qualified constipation enema kit can ensure an effective enema.

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