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Three Steps to Learn About Medical Face Shield

The medical face shield is made of highly transparent and environmentally friendly materials, which can block particles in the air. Medical face shields can effectively prevent the spread of certain infectious microorganisms, and block the spread of droplets, aerosols, body fluids, secretions, fine dust, etc. The protective mask that is approved by the Medical Device Industry Association to meet the medical standards has a light transmittance of over 99%, and the use of double-sided anti-fog treatment eliminates the trouble caused by fog. The product is protected by a double-sided protective film before leaving the factory, and the user can wear it by tearing off the protective film after receiving it, which is very convenient.

1. The general composition of a health guard face shield:

1.1. Transparent mask (made of transparent material, with a mask box at the bottom);

1.2. Flanging;

1.3. Ventilation holes;

1.4. Filling;

1.5. Holes;

1.6. Sealing strip of mask box;

1.7. Mask box (with multiple ventilation holes on the outside, which are sealed on the mask by a sealing strip);

1.8. Sealing strip.

2. The role of medical face shield:

Medical staff can wear protective masks or protective goggles during the diagnosis and treatment of patients, which can effectively prevent the patient's blood and body fluids from splashing on their faces. Medical staff need to use medical face shield under the following circumstances: during nursing or treatment, to avoid splashes of blood, body fluids, secretions of patients; when they have close contact with patients with disease of droplet transmission; during close operations such as the tracheotomy for patients with respiratory infectious diseases and tracheal intubation.

3. How to use health guard face shield:

3.1 Before wearing, check whether there is any damage and whether the wearing device is loose. And it should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

3.2 How to wear and remove the health guard face shield

a) How to wear goggles or protective mask:

Wear them and adjust them to a suitable position.

b) How to take off the goggles or face shield:

Pinch the side close to the head or ears, take it off, and put it in a recycling or medical waste container.

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