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Tips for Increasing Nasal Cannula Comfort

For most oxygen therapy patients, learning how to use a nasal cannula as comfortably as possible is an important step toward incorporating oxygen therapy into their lives easily. But for many people, figuring out how to properly wear oxygen nose pads and learning how to handle all the tubing can be confusing. Even if you're not sure where to put the excess tubing and whether the prongs of the nasal cannula are up or down, let Gcmedica guide you on proper use of nasal cannula and how to fit comfortably.

1. Find the most comfortable nasal cannula

Starting oxygen therapy requires some adjustments, one of which is learning how to properly wear a nasal cannula. A nasal cannula is the tube through which you receive oxygen during oxygen therapy. A soft nasal oxygen cannula is a flexible tube that is placed under the nose with two tips placed in the nostrils through which oxygen is delivered. Because oxygen nasal pads are less invasive than face masks and allow patients to speak and eat freely, nasal cannulae are the most popular method of oxygen therapy. While finding the correct nasal cannula position is part of the equation, choosing the right size cannula is another important part of ensuring you have the most comfortable nasal cannula. If you don't have the correct size and type of nasal cannula, you may experience discomfort from the bridge of your nose with oxygen.

Since there are different oxygen nasal cannula types to choose from, it is important to choose the correct size for the size and shape of the nostril. The oxygen nose piece should fit snugly into the nostril without falling off, but it's important to make sure it also doesn't go back too far back into the nostril. With proper nasal cannula placement, the oxygen nose pads should feel comfortable when placed in the nostrils without any rubbing or squeezing. Once you've found the right oxygen nose pad, it's time to determine the correct nasal cannula position.

2. Put on the nasal cannula correctly

To find the correct nasal cannula position, insert the tips of the oxygen nose pads into your nostrils, then place the oxygen tubes on the sides of your face and lift the tubes, placing them over your ears like glasses. Then, use the slider that holds the tube under the chin to adjust the fit. The tube of the nasal cannula should fit snugly against the top of the ear and against the chin and chin. You should have enough room to place two fingers between the tube and your chin for the most comfortable nasal cannula fit. If you can wear it comfortably after a few uses, you're wearing it correctly! 

3. Placement allows the most comfortable nasal cannula

Adjusting to life with oxygen therapy also means learning to adjust the nasal cannula properly. However, learning how to put on a nasal cannula is relatively simple, and it becomes second nature the more you practice. Once you have learned how to adjust the fit of your oxygen nose pads and your tube to create the proper nasal cannula position for you, you can comfortably wear your nasal cannula at any time, day or night, for oxygen therapy when and where you need them. It may take a little getting used to as you learn how to make a nasal cannula more comfortable for you, but as you get used to wearing it, you will understand what works best for you. In addtion, because a nasal cannula allows you to receive oxygen therapy while you eat or talk, oxygen therapy will be minimally invasive.

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