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Use of High Flow Nasal Cannula in Lung Diseases

Ⅰ. Equipment composition of high flow nasal cannulas

The air-oxygen mixing device that can produce high flow rates is the reason why high flow nasal cannulas are called high-flow oxygen therapy. The high flow nasal cannula can provide stable therapeutic oxygen concentration for elderly patients.

Ⅱ. The use of high flow nasal cannulas in lung diseases

1. Provide a stable inspiratory oxygen concentration fraction (FiO2): The high flow nasal cannula can provide high-velocity gas, whose flow rate is higher than the peak inspiratory flow rate of adults at rest, thus reducing the proportion of inhaled air and air dilution effect of inhalation at the time, so compared with the general traditional oxygen nasal cannula and oxygen mask can provide a more stable inhalation oxygen concentration.

2. Generate positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) and increase lung volume: The high-flow nasal cannula delivers a large amount of gas to the upper respiratory tract to generate positive end-expiratory pressure.

3. Reduce anatomical dead space and remove carbon dioxide: The high-flow nasal cannula conveys a large amount of gas, constantly washing the cavity of the upper respiratory tract, so that carbon dioxide during exhalation will be cleaned in the upper respiratory tract, which can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide inhaled next time.

4. The high-flow nasal cannula for sale has the normal function of maintaining the mucociliary system of the respiratory tract.

5. Reduce respiratory and metabolic consumption.

6. Good comfort and tolerance.

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