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Using Methods and Puncture Position of the Veress Needle

1. What is a veress needle?

Insufficiency needle puncture is a step to officially start laparoscopic surgery, and it is also a dangerous step. Among the complications of laparoscopic surgery, the complications caused by insufficient needle puncture account for more than half. Through laparoscopic monitoring, this step cannot be completed by laparoscopic surgery set alone. Therefore, paying attention to the details of the needle of the insufficiency needle is very beneficial to improve the safety of the operation.

2. How to use the veress needle

The veress needle is a needle-like structure with a valve at one end. When the gas injection operation is in progress, the gas pipe of the carbon dioxide cylinder is connected here. The tip of the insufficiency needle is not very sharp and is designed to protect people who need surgery, such as surgeons and nurses.

The insufficiency needle becomes a puncture needle. If it is difficult to touch the skin, it slowly jumps out of the needle, and then reaches the abdominal cavity through the skin, muscle layer, and serum layer. If you have experienced this operation, you can decide whether to enter the abdominal cavity.

When the intraperitoneal needle reaches the abdominal cavity, the space and gap in the abdominal cavity are relatively small, and the insertion is stopped immediately. If you continue to insert it, the internal organs will be damaged. After entering the abdominal cavity, the abdominal cavity tube must be connected for ventilation. When the patient or nurse taps the patient's abdomen, there will be obvious swelling, but when the swelling reaches a certain level, a set of trocars can be inserted. This is the function of the insufficiency needle.

After finishing use, remember to put the veress needle into the needle counter box in time.

3. The choice of the location of the veress needle puncture

The first thing to pay attention to is the choice of puncture holes. The choice of puncture hole depends on many factors, such as the size of the uterus, the scope of the operation, the thickness of the abdominal wall, and the surgical scar.

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