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What Are the Reasons for Using the Pressure Infusion Bag?

The pressure infusion bag is actually a product that is quickly pressurized during blood transfusion, so that blood, plasma, cardioplegia and other liquids can enter the human body as soon as possible. What are the reasons for using pressure infusion bags?

1. Reasons for using the pressure infusion bag

In some special cases, some patients may need to increase the transfusion of liquid medicine and plasma in a short time, and the ordinary infusion speed cannot meet the needs of patients. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to speed up the infusion, and the pressure infusion bag was born.

2. How to use the pressure infusion bag

(1) As one of the blood transfusion sets, the pressure infusion bag should be used correctly. Put the plasma bag or infusion bag into the interlayer of the pressure infusion bag, string the suspension rope of the plasma bag or infusion bag into the strap of the pressure infusion bag, and then hang it on the infusion fixing clamp.

(2) Inflate the ball by hand, and the gas will automatically flow into the airbag of the pressure infusion bag through the valve and trachea.

(3) The infusion speed of the pressure infusion bag can be adjusted by the corresponding button.

(4) After the infusion is over, press the gas valve, and the gas valve will open to deflate and discharge the gas stored in the airbag.

(5) If you need to continue the infusion, you can repeat the above steps. It should be noted that each pressure infusion bag product can only be used for the same patient to avoid cross-infection.

3. Precautions for using pressure infusion bag

(1) Reusable pressure infusion bags should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 85%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation.

(2) The use period of the pressure infusion bag is within one and a half years from the date of leaving the factory (use period is one year) under the conditions of observing the storage and use regulations.

Regarding the pressure of the pressure infusion bag. In order to meet the needs of different patients, the pressure of the pressure infusion bag is adjustable, and there is no fixed pressure.

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