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What Do You Know About Personal Protective Equipment for Hospital?

Personal protective equipment for medical personnel in hospitals is the last line of defense to protect medical personnel from harm. Medical protection is no small matter. Do not have a fluke, improve safety awareness, and pay attention to self-protection.

As a member of the hospital, how do we protect ourselves?

1. Personal protective equipment for medical personnel:

1.1 Medical protective gloves

Hospitals are the easiest places to breed bacteria, so the requirements for hygiene are extremely high. As we all know, medical staff will use different gloves in different places and times to avoid contamination of their hands with stolen goods or microorganisms, to prevent the spread of microorganisms that already exist on the skin or hands, to avoid chemical damage or to reduce injuries from sharp objects.

1.2 Goggles, protective mask

a) During diagnosis, treatment and nursing operations, the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. may splash into eyes or on faces of medical workers;

b) When coming into close contact with patients with infectious diseases spread by droplets;

c) When performng short-distance operations such as tracheotomy and tracheal intubation for patients with respiratory infections, blood, body fluids, and secretions may splash, thus personal protective equipment for medical personnel should be used.

Before wearing, check whether there is any damage and whether the wearing device is loose. It should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

2. Precautions for personal protective equipment for hospital:

First of all, the protection object should be clarified, and then the corresponding protection products should be carefully selected according to the needs. The protection must be achieved by using the correct one.

In addition, I need to remind everyone that no protective equipment is omnipotent, and it is impossible to protect the human body from all substances.

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