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What is a Nasal Cannula? when to Use?

1. What is a nasal cannula?

In some cases, if the mouth or throat is being operated or injured and the breathing tube passes through the nose instead of the mouth, this is called a nasal cannula. The nasotracheal tube (NT) enters the nasal cavity and enters the upper airway along the back of the throat, which is to keep the mouth blank for surgery.

2. How to use the nasal cannula?

Before using the intubation, the patient is usually sedated or unconscious due to illness or injury, which allows the mouth and airway to relax. The patient usually has a flat back, and the person inserting the tube stands at the head of the bed, looking at the patient's feet. Gently open the patient's mouth and use a luminous instrument to make the tongue unimpeded and illuminate the throat and gently guide the nasal cannula tube to the throat and into the respiratory tract.

There is a small balloon around the tube, which can be inflated to keep the nasal cannula tube in place and prevent air from escaping. Once the balloon is inflated, the tube is firmly positioned in the airway and tied to the mouth or secured with tape.

3. The use of nasal cannula

Intubation is required for general anesthesia. After most operations, drugs are given to reverse the effects of anesthesia, which allows the patient to wake up quickly and start breathing on their own.

Nasal cannula is also used for respiratory failure. There are many reasons why a patient is too sick to breathe on their own. They may cause damage to the lungs, may have severe pneumonia, or have respiratory problems such as COPD. If patients cannot breathe in enough oxygen themselves, they may need to use a ventilator until they return to breathing without the need for help again.

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