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What is the Difference Between a Disposable Urination Leg Bag and a Urinary Catheter Drainage Bag?

Disposable urination leg bags and catheter drainage bags are the same to some extent, but there are differences. So what is the difference between the two? The following is a related introduction.

1. Disposable urination leg bag

The urinating leg bag is also called urine collector, waist uro bag, or urostomy bag in medicine. The function of the urination leg bag is to collect urine. In some operations, such as cystectomy, the patient's urethra will be diverted. In order to ensure that the patient urinates smoothly, the doctor will perform a fistula on the patient's waist to create a stoma for urination, and the urination leg bag will be connected to the stoma to collect urine outside the body.

2. Urinary catheter drainage bag

The urinary catheter drainage bag also has the function of external catheterization, because some patients with the urinary system cannot urinate normally. Some patients have difficulty in moving after the operation, so they need to insert a urethral tube and connect a urinary catheter drainage bag. In this way, the patient does not need to get out of bed frequently to urinate, and the physiological needs can be solved directly on the bed. In addition, the urinary catheter drainage bag is also convenient for nurses to regularly measure the size of urine output. Nurses can judge whether the patient is healthy or not according to the patient's urine output. Of course, the role of the urinary catheter drainage bag is more than that, it can also be used to collect the residual blood pressure drawn from the wound drainage catheter, etc., with more effects.

In summary, the role of urinary catheter drainage bag is more than that of urinating leg bag. However, the main function of these products is to bring convenience to people, that is, the selected products can improve the quality of life of patients. Pay attention to the simplicity and practicability of the product to ensure that it does not leak urine and can move freely.

After reading the above content, do you know the difference between urinating leg bag and catheter drainage bag? If you want to know about purchasing related products, you can leave a message and search on the Gcmedica's website to find the products you want.

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