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Why is the Nasal Intubation Tube More Tolerable?

1. Analysis of the reasons why nasal intubation tube is more tolerated

Nasal intubation tube is more tolerated mainly because of the hypersensitivity of the oropharynx. Oropharyngeal intubation will irritate the mucosa of the back wall of the pharynx and the base of the tongue, which wil cause obvious nausea, discomfort, and even vomit. Everyone's tolerance is different, and some patients can tolerate oropharyngeal intubation.

Nasopharyngeal intubation can avoid irritation to the mucous membrane of the base of the tongue. The symptoms of nausea and vomiting will be significantly reduced, so usually the gastric tube can be operated through the nasal cavity. In the same way, laryngoscopy can also be performed through the nasal cavity during laryngoscopy. The patient's reaction will also be much less severe than with laryngoscopy through the oropharynx.

2. Depth of nasal intubation tube

The depth of intubation for nasal intubation tube is between 22-26cm for adults. There is a slight difference in the nasal cavity of the patient, which can be adjusted within the normal range. When there is clinical hypoxia in the body with or without hypercapnia, respiratory failure is prone to occur. Mechanical ventilation with nasal intubation tube is required. Sputum can also be sucked through a catheter to relieve the symptoms of airway blockage, make the airway unblocked, and make breathing function normal. For endotracheal intubation, the depth of intubation should be within the normal range. Inserting too deeply may damage the airway, and inserting too shallowly cannot reach the trachea.

3. Precautions for using nasal intubation tube

The precautions for nasal intubation tube are mainly to maintain the hygiene of the nasal cavity before the operation, clean the nasal cavity and prevent blockage. Ask the patient not to get too nervous. At the same time, intubation is performed by slow movements to prevent the movements from being too intense and irritating the airway, which may lead to discomfort in patients, and even induce airway spasm and difficulty in breathing. Nasal intubation tube is of great help in improving the patient's disease symptoms. It is mainly used for trauma, major surgery, and patients with very poor physical condition. Patients with blocked airways and restricted spontaneous breathing can all be treated in this way. Clinically, it can be used in conjunction with related technologies and bronchodilators.

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